Batman Night Light

January 24, 2012

Batman will protect you

Ever felt that you could sleep better with Batman watching over you? Plug in this night light and when Gotham City gets dark, your personal bat-signal will shine, letting Batman know to stop fighting crime and start watching you sleep. Of course, we can’t promise that Batman will actually protect you from harm. After all, he’s a busy man with a lot on his plate already. But who knows, maybe in some sparkly, creepy universe he’ll fall in love with you, climb in your window every night, and find that watching you sleep is fascinating. Either way, here’s a cool night light.
Available HERE for $9.99.

words by TG

One Response to Batman Night Light

  1. shannon gnech says:

    Hi there, is this in Australia?? and will it fit Aus power points? How much for postage to 4701

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