Adidas Originals Adi Navvy Boot

January 11, 2012

Adidas Originals just release this sick pair of dark blue suede hiking boots for ya’ll to sport. Luckily for all you non-Australian’s, weather is working to your advantage right now (jealous).

To me, this pair is like a concoction of a sneaker and hiking boot, making it a unique pair worth considering. Plus the color is just sexy… Midnight Blue mmmMmmmm~!

Made available at the Rakuten Online store website, definitely something to consider!

Source: Freshnessmag

3 Responses to Adidas Originals Adi Navvy Boot

  1. Martha Rodriguez says:

    I love them where could get them

  2. Where can I purchase them from?

  3. Jimmy Kachingwe says:

    How much is shipping to uk

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