The World’s first telematics enabled racing skateboard by Stealth Division

December 27, 2011

When the rich folks go-down sliding, they sure need to do in style. For a sport which became popular during the 1960’s, a lot has gone into research and invention in terms of equipment, the primary being the skateboard itself. From the uniquely shaped piece of plywood, it has now come to designer fabrics such as rare varieties of wood and even carbon fiber, like we see here for the Stealth Division Mach 1 skateboard. In fact these guys have taken a step ahead, and included a telematics system, making the skateboard a first of its kind in the world.

Edgetrak, which is a known name in the field of advanced telematics system in the military division, has partnered with WeFunk, one of the pioneers of skateboarding equipment since the past decade or so. This partnership has created what is now going to be the most technologically skateboard, complete with a GPS tracking system, and a lot of design inspiration from the F1 racing cars. Created with carbon fiber laminates, there are layers including an Ash & Airex Core, alongside Makrolon reinforced tail and nose sections which are capable of taking hard impact collisions. The trucks beneath are CNC treated aluminum alloy with adjustable height and raking features, enabling to set the equipment at the perfect height for greater comfort and control. Towards the rear end, there are Corundum treated grips which allows to set oneself firmly on the board without slipping, and the fabric is known to be pretty much rugged, because as experts peg it to be the 2nd hardest mineral after diamonds. With a total grip weight of 1.2 kilos, the equipment has been kept light in weight, with additional designing advancements like cutouts for additional wheels clearance, and the flared ends of the platform to ensure precise braking on tough surfaces.

However, the main attraction and point of difference in the tracking system, located towards the front end of the board, but remains out of the site because on being inlaid into the boards layer. Other than location, it should help track distance and speed along with G-force and vibration. Specifications also mention a radio rider info system, which gives out the details of one journey on the board. Wow! So much for stylish skateboarding! The price tag of the board comes to be $13,070, for the prototype but could sell for higher in the market. More details can be found HERE.

words by Wrik Sen

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