Parlayin’ with DJ Perplex (DMC, ITF & Thr3estyle Champ)

December 17, 2011

The DJ game is always changing, with new technology and the limitless abilities to “tweak” sound, it makes it quite a tough industry to stick around in these days. But one man has been pushing the boundaries of DJing and keepin’ focused on being one of the worlds best party rockers and technical DJs… DJ Perplex. After winning 3 DMC titles, 2 Thr3estyle titles and several more ITF titles (over the span of 7 years), we got the chance to sit down with the man himself to talk about his achievements and more.

Yo Plex… how ya’ doin’ today? Melbourne been good?
All good homie.

To inspire is to… influence others is a positive way

You’ve come a long way since your DMC days. What’s been your motivation for keepin’ on the grind with music?
I love music all day ‘n’ all night! I’m such a music fiend, I can’t image life with out it. Constantly coming up with new ideas and creating new music is what keeps me going. I’m also still right into digging for old records and this has been a huge inspiration. There is just so much great music still out there to be discovered. All the rare grove/soul music from the 1970’s era that you’ll never hear about unless you go and dig it up, there is so much good stuff at times it seems endless.

Speaking of music, we understand you’ve been producing heaps of late… Care to share what we can expect from you very soon?
Oh yeah ive been working on a lot of original music, mostly Hip Hop based stuff venturing into Glitch Hop/ Future beat territory. I’ve spent a lot of time this past year working on getting my sound down, it’s stating to look pretty good now. Keep an eye out for some new remix’s dropping soon. We’ve also got a whole bootleg Outkast remix album that’s going to be lots-o-fun!

Working with various artists would’ve influenced you stylistically. What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned over the years of collaborative efforts?
Experience is the key when creating music so make as much as possible. When working with other people its really important to be able to find a happy compromise so every one is cool with the final outcome other wise it can get tricky and you’ll might end up with a camel.. ‘A horse designed my a committee’

Coming off that, one collaboration that caught our ears in recent months is the Ru.CL joint. What sparked that project and how did it turn out?
I’ve been working closely with Ru.CL this year on the road as his tour DJ and in the studio making bangers. We put together a mix album called IceBerg’n Blizzard. Had a great time working on it, is a good mixture of hard hitting rap lyrics and funny skits with some original beats and jacked beats. You can download it over on soundcloud, is good for driving in the car or better yet to listen to while snowboarding!

We are all too familiar with your DMC victories. How has that developed you as a DJ?
It’s made me a very well rounded DJ and given me a unique perfective on rocking crowds. The success fuled the fire to keep me on the path I’m on, it really gave me a lot of inspiration to keep getting better as a DJ and as an artists.

DMC has become less popular in recent years… Why is that? What in your opinion caused that shift in the DMC world and how do you think they can recover and bring it back to its prime?
Well I could write a thesis on this subject so ill try and keep it brief. There is lots of contributing factors to why the DMC’s have become less and less influential of the years. In a way DMC kind of ate itself. The boundaries of what a DJ could do in a 6 min set were pushed so hard it often became impossible to fully understand what the DJs were doing. So much would be lost on the crowd at this level and even the other competing DJs or judges might not catch everything that was happing the first time around. In a way it’s amazing that the comp is still around after 25 years. DMC’s slow response to the new digital technology that became industry standard over the last few years has not helped either. This year they finally let DJs to use this digital vinyl technology but it may be a case of too little too late.

Surely being a DMC champ there are many amazing moments in your career. What’s one of the most humbling moments for you?
Losing when your supposed too win is always humbling… but yeah some of the amazing moments would have to be playing in front of 6000 people at the Big Day Out, opening for Cypress Hill or whenever I get to rep Aust overseas.

Everyone has a motto they live by… what’s yours?
This year my motto/mantra has been ‘time waits for no man’
Just a little reminder to always keep it moving with one eye looking on the future.

On a lighter topic… If you were a 70’s porn star, what would you alias be?
Haha… maybe Jack’a Velvet or even Captain Plex..

What’s your favourite Youtube video?
There is so many and its always changing but lately Id have to say the live stand-up from Dave Chapelle – Men and Women Phycology

We hear you’re an awesome cook too! What’s your favourite dish when cooking?
Green curry with coriander and plex salad…oh yeah!

To wrap things up, have you got anyone that you would like to thank for having supported you throughout your journey in the music industry?
Fat Kids! Beat Broker and definitely Red Bull for showing love.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us today Plex and sharing your thoughts with everyone. We at Fat Kids wish you much success in the many years to come. Keep on creating and inspiring!

Words by Benny Teh

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  1. Shakintala Mson says:

    Awesome Pics and awsome soundage.

  2. Shakintala Mason says:

    awesome pics and soundage

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