Halfsleeve presents ALL CAMO EVERYTHING

December 15, 2011

This summer its All Camo Everything. And not just some American desert camo crap, or some weird digital camo shit, we’re talking about reppin our homeland with Auscam aka Distruptive Pattern Camo (DCP).

We got 2 new logo tees in black and white and also two colourways of turn-up shorts – our very first effort at cut-n-sew (holla!).

The shorts feature contrasting pocket and turn-up details, all burugundy linings, and 100% Made-in-Australia top quality construction. The shorts sit just above the knee when turned-up or just on the knee when worn straight. The PERFECT shorts – these will last you many bbq’s, festivals, and early morning kebab runs to come!

Hit us up here to cop yours.

Peace & happy holidays yo.


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