December 7, 2011

This was the second year we’ve run the HALFSLEEVE 3on3 BASKETBALL CLASSIC and again, this year was a massive success. Shit was KILLA! Over the last year, the word had spread across Sydney about our inaugural comp and this year we saw a higher quality of baller front up, stiff competition thru both East and West divs, and a massive crew come down to watch, enjoy the snags and beers. Check out some of the highlights in the vid above. We look forward to round 3 next year and hopefully we can get some cats from interstate to come take on the Sydney talent! Ball out son.

Thanks to all our sponsors 10 Deep, Mishka, Rocksmith, Audio Techinca, 567 King, Foreign Family, Herschel, 9FIVE, Acclaim Magazine, and of course homeboy Benny and Fat Kids.

Shout out to Saik Productions for putting the vid together.

Oh, and we’re sponsoring the Fat Kids 3on3 early next year and are stoked to be apart of getting ball back to being the No.1 sport!

Go the Knicks!!

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