Ghost Lamps

December 1, 2011


Ever have a house guest that you regretted inviting over? For us, that guest was Pac-Man. For starters, he insisted only showing up after dark. Then, after we went to bed, we heard him stalking the halls all night. Not sure if he was sleepwalking or what, but he sure was noisy! The next morning, he was nowhere to be found. Oh, and all our food was gone. And our chinchilla. WTF, dude?

We invested in a set of Ghost Lamps on the off chance he reappears in our house. They have built-in light sensors, so when the yellow pizza creature leaves his bedroom to raid the pantry, they’ll glow bright to scare him off. Need to keep your domicile safe from the wokka-wokka of doom? Grab some Ghost Lamps and plug them into your nearest USB device. When the lights get low, the ghosts will glow. Available now HERE for $9.99.

words by TG.




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