Futurama Monopoly

December 31, 2011

Are you ready to play the game of yesteryear in the world of tomorrow? Cruise around the Futurama themed game board and use your Professorland Fun Bucks to buy up Planet Express, Future-Roma, and Mom’s Friendly Robot Company. There are even six collectible tokens, including everyone’s favorite robot with a shiny metal posterior.

Hobnob with huggable industrialist Mom, dance with the Robot Devil, and take a mutated plunge into Sewer City and try not to get mutated while there. Mind the Hypnotoad! Custom Resi-Domes and People Hives replace traditional houses and hotels. Play it like traditional Monopoly (with a Futurama twist) or use the 60 minute speed play rules for a much shorter game. Happy gaming, meatbags. Available now HERE for $39.99.
words by TG

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