Book Review : Graffiti World (New Edition) by Nicholas Ganz

December 25, 2011


Product Description:
Graffiti World is the ultimate street art book. This is the updated and revised editon with over 2,000 colour images of artworks from more than 180 international artists including Australia. No other book is remotely so comprehensive or up to date. Nicholas Ganz combines his own first-hand experiences with quotes and interviews from the artists themselves to offer a true insiders perspective of the key trends and style developments that have made graffiti what it is today. This book has 376 full colour pages of what is a global phenomenon and recognised contemporary art movement.

Personally i love graffiti and have been mesmerized by the letters and colors since the 80′s. I also love how it’s evolved through time and how far writers have pushed letters and characters. It’s always a breath of fresh air seeing new pieces out and about while walking or driving. With Nicholas Ganz’s revised edition of Graffiti World (New Edition) Hard cover book, i don’t even have to move an inch to be mesmerized.

Now this book is an absolute winner in our eyes. It’s got “a million” pictures of graffiti from around the world all bound in under 400 pages. Everyone from 3A crew, to Cope2, 123Klan, Banksy, Blek Le Rat, Corail, Dalek, Craola, Chaz Bojorquez, Seak and so many more have been featured in this book. What we really like about it is the fact that they’ve got more pictures then words. Which I personally rather, because it’s so much more stimulating… It just keep you going.

This book is available now at all good book stores near you. Enjoy the pictures (sneak peek) after the jump.

Words by Benny Teh
Photography Fat Kids

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