Python Storm Lord Custom by Pop Prolific

November 24, 2011

storm lord

“A private collector had acquired one of my custom Python Force Benders (of which I only made 2 pieces). He was so into the figure that about a month ago he commissioned me to create an original Python themed figure to go with the Force Bender. After seeing pictures of a guy at SDCC in a crazy elaborate Samurai Stormtrooper costume, we collaborated to come up with the “Python Storm Lord”. I had a lot of fun putting this guy together and it was such an amazing piece to develop.”

Amazing is an understatement we have to say… this is OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD! Who in the right state of mind would’ve been able to come up with this… no one! except Pop Prolific. We’re goin’ to let the custom work do all the talkin’. Check out more images after the jump. Great work again! 2 thumbs up from Fat Kids.

One Response to Python Storm Lord Custom by Pop Prolific

  1. Craig Harwood says:

    How can I commission something similar?

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