Parlayin with Dave Flores

November 3, 2011


Dave… how’s CA treatin’ ya today?
Very fine weather this November. Los Angeles is a nice place to be this time of year.

Thank you so much for taking time off your busy schedule to be with us. We really appreciate it…. Speaking of busy schedules, what does it usually involve?
I usually wake up a little late because I work till 3 am or so… go get a coffee and then look at what needs to be done and when its due… then I’ll apply my time to priorities.

Coming off that…how has working at Shorty’s elevated your style and sense of design?
I basically worked closely with the owner Tony Buyalos, working with Tony kept me on my toes as far as design goes. I might think I have a million dollar idea, but Tony the guy knows his market, so working with him has humbled my opinion on my own work and ideas I guess…

I like how you have a very DIY mentality with a lot of the “how” and “why” you do things, what cultivated that process in your opinion? And has hip hop played an influential role in your creative processes?
If you don’t get down and dirty, you’re not going to realize your dreams, its that simple. Nobody cares if you win or succeed enough to DO it for you. Also, finishing out early on in your career that fools do not have your back helped alot as well…fuck em’ though, their loss! Hip hop is good music, helps to get the march started on a project, the beats are like marching on…

Most ”old school” parents always want their children to work in a law or accounting or be a doctor. What do your parents think about your career?
I think they’re mostly surprised. They live in a small sheltered community and have no internet, so when they see something like an 8 foot large DF mickey mouse sculpture in Hong Kong (I have to be the one to show it to them) they are chill as fuck about what I do. As long as I’m alive and well I think its cool with them.

Everyone has motto’s.
Smile now cry later…. but its all smiles now.

In every artist’s career, there is always that one humbling moment where he/she feels overwhelmed by the reaction his work has gotten. When was that moment for you?
I guess around 2004-08 we were going to Japan alot, guess that’s around the time I realized how much of an effect I’ve had (little effect), on popular culture.

Are there any artists that you look up to/admire? And if given a chance, what sort of project would you like to work on with him/her?
I used to admire alot of guys, then after meeting em’… they ended up being kooks!
Right now I’m really into Shepard Faireys work. People talk too much shit about his work and even have gone as far as to try and kick his ass in Copenhagen.. fuck that. Dudes a boss… and his work ethic is the most admirable thing there is. Hopefully we can bust a few large walls in the near future. Public work is where it’s at.

It’s been “all your life” since you started doing art and getting your work published. Where do you want to progress to? What is your final goal in all of this?
I don’t think it will ever end, when your an artist in the public eye its an obligation at that point on your part to continue to create and express an artistic opinion. Weather it be local or worldwide events…you gotta’ remember people are gonna’ be confused and lost, the smallest thing you do could set a mind at ease or start a revolution…

I’m sure you’ve been really busy working on new releases, could you give us an insight to what’s on the horizon?
Deathead toy with BIC and a special colorway with TAG toy art gallery of Los Angeles. Lots of stuff… maybe a new series with AK, new Tees, new paintings and collaborations. Just finished a cool little board series with FLIP skateboards… lotta’ good stuff man.

On a lighter note, everyone is a fan of super human powers. If you were given a super power, what would it be?
The ability to appear and disappear, cause u could get rich quick like that.

For those who want to know where to keep up-to-date with your work and to purchase stuff, where would they be able to do so?
Go ahead and go to:

Dave…Thank you so much again for taking time off your busy schedule to be with us
today and sharing your thoughts with everyone. We at Fat Kids wish you all the very
best and will be looking forward to seeing more amazing works from yourself. Keep
up the awesome work!

No problemo!

words by Benny Teh

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