Paper Airplane Doorstop

November 3, 2011

Not made of paper, and won’t fly…

Paper airplanes are the perfect distraction for the bored. With every office and workspace filled with scraps of paper, many of them printed with the meaningless memos of the day, you’ve got everything you need for a little action, adventure, and origami. Just fold, crease, fold, crease and toss, and you’ve got a fighter jet! A space ship! A hypersonic bomber! A doorstop!

Wait, what? A doorstop? Follow me, ’cause we’re gonna get crazy here. The wedge shape of your typical needle-nose paper airplane is the perfect shape to jam in between a door and the floor. Unfortunately, a folded sheet of paper’s ability to effectively stop a door from moving is limited, to say the least. Recognizing the perfect shape of the paper airplane, engineers replaced the flimsy paper construction with durable ABS plastic. With the added strength of science, the airplane wedges in nicely, and keeps the heaviest door from slamming shut.

We don’t recommend you try to fly it, though. While it’s the right shape for flight, the lift over the wings isn’t quite great enough to overcome the added weight that comes with the hardened plastic construction. It is the price to pay for immobile doors.

Available HERE for only $11.99.
Words by TG

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