Movie Review : Four (Thailand)

November 20, 2011

From the beginning of the apocalypse shot in a single continuous take, to a shop that sells gifts for your enemies, experience Four cutting-edge tales of horror from the creators of ONG BAK and 13: GAME OF DEATH.

Clean-up Day
Four friends are discussing the pros and cons of global warming when they find themselves at the centre of a very strange viral outbreak. Is this the end of the world?

The Gift Shop for People You Hate
Thada has just been promoted to a department manager and encounters a mysterious shop near his office specialising in gifts for people that you would want to harm or kill. The store manager informs him that someone has recently bought six items for him. Now living in fear, Thada must somehow survive these six items and find out who his enemy is before it’s too late.

Eerie Nights
After a heist gone wrong, a group of thieves are on the run from the police and hole up in a deserted country hospital. It doesn’t take long to discover that they are not the only ones staying in the hospital, beginning a desperate ordeal to survive.

Who R Kong?
Grandpa’s dying words were “Don’t bury or cremate me until…!”, so his dysfunctional family keep his mummified remains sitting around the house; but why is it every housesitter leaves in terror after one night? When the psychic medium informs them that grandpa has hidden treasure, can his family bring themselves together to discover his secret?

It’s not a norm to find movies like four consisting or 4 different movies in one DVD unless it’s like a bundled DVD set of some sort. It was an interesting watch indeed. Although each film was short, they conveyed strong messages, which I’m very impressed by.

Out of the four, Eerie Nights and Who R Kong were two that stood out most to me because they were most realistic, logical, captivating, and on top of that, expressed strong notions of family values.

Eerie Nights talks about 2 friends turn criminals robbing and stealing to survive. After a job they completed, one of them turns into a psychotic killer who was unstopped. His friend, wanting to break free from his evil ways, plotted against him during one of their last “jobs”. That was when things started getting really twisted and gory.

Who R Kong on the other hand wasn’t as gory, but was more of a psychological flick that got you thinking about family relationships. For some reason I keep thinking of classic Chinese vampire movies when I watch it… maybe it’s because of the dead grandfather that keeps waking up and walking around the house. Go figure.

Whatever it maybe, four (Thailand) is a good collection of horror flicks that will surely tickle your fancy if you’re an Asian Horror flick fan. Get yours HERE now.

Fat Kids Rating 7/10

Words by Benny Teh

View Four Trailer Below:

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