Book Review : We Are Paper Toys by Loius Bou

November 6, 2011

We love toys and we will forever be toy nerds, and over the years, the toy industry has seen an influx/growth in styles and format, creating a massive variety of 3 dimensional figures we get to play with… and to add to that list are paper toys.

Louis Bou a paper toy fiend decided to make a book featuring 32 of the world’s best paper toy artists and the result is remarkable. Every now and again we get books that are hard to navigate and track but fear not as the “We are Paper Toys” book is published according to designer, which makes it easy to keep track of and flip back and forth to and from.

Cover art is really important (to me anyways) and to see Shin Tanaka’s 4-in-1 Robot grace the cover of the WAPT book is good enough reason for me to pull out my wallet and secure this book for my collection. Not only is the cover art worth every penny spent, but also the artwork featured. Its simply amazing to see how a mere piece of 2D paper can turn into a 3D work of art. Some stand out artist (I think anyways) featured in this book include, custom papertoys, oh-sheet papertoys, Horrorwood, Badstarz, Faisal Azad, Tougui, Shin Tanaka, Mau Russo and Cubotoy.

On top of the amazing artwork, editor Louis Bou details each artists personal techniques, while the included CD demonstrates how you can create your own with printable PDF designs. Yes, that’s right, it comes with a CD full of paper toys for you to print, cut, fold, and glue (80+ templates – will surely keep you busy this coming summer).

There might be heaps of “paper toy” related books out in the market but nothing like “We Are Paper Toys” that Louis Bou has put together. WAPT book will definitely be a very helpful resource in the near future for paper toys makers and the likes. Published by HarpersCollins with 208 pages of awesomeness. this book is available now at all good bookstores near you. Overall, great work and content indeed!

Words by Benny Teh

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