Boba Fett Holiday Decoration

November 17, 2011

Everybody knows someone who has like fifty Santa statues that they pull out of the attic and display for the holidays. Santa is all fine and good, but we’re kind of bored of that jolly old elf. This year, we want our presents delivered by Boba Fett. Just think, as a bounty hunter, he’d be able to track down the perfect gift for everyone on his list.

The Boba Fett Holiday Fabriche is the ultimate centerpiece for your bountiful holiday feast. It’s a highly detailed piece of artwork with all the little touches that will delight Star Wars fans. (A thermal detonator with a bow? Yes please!) Boba’s clearly guarding his biggest present: Han Solo in Carbonite, wrapped in a bow, and tagged with a a gift tag that says: “To: Jabba.” Bring a little intergalactic fun to your holiday table this year!

Cop yours HERE for only $59.99.
words by TG

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