UNIQLO NYC (A Look Inside)

October 13, 2011


Surely everyone’s got something from Uniqlo (that includes us), and we’ve all heard news about the NYC flagship store (biggest yet) opening this Friday. Robert Wunsch from Selectism gives us a quick sneak preview to what Uniqlo have got installed for us. Here are also some press details you might be keen on reading up on too:

“Designed by Wonderwall (you know the name), the new UNIQLO shop will be the largest single retailer on Fifth Ave. with more than 89,000 square feet of retail space across three floors. Those familiar with the UNIQLO SOHO location and the congestion that fills it during the busy weekend, will want to explore the new Fifth Ave location. The retail space is open and wide for shopping and browsing. More than 200 LCD and LED screens throughout the new store will deliver UNIQLO styled looks and more.

The UNIQLO Fifth Ave. opening has been blitzed hard in the media for months now and Friday will be a exceptional day for the retailer. Those looking for store opening specials will be pleased to hear that their basic v-neck cashmere sweater will sell for $50 (down from the normal $99) and Japanese denim lovers will want to be quick to lock in a pair of slim or straight denim for $9.99. That’s right: $9.99.”

If you’re in NYC, you best not miss this chance to see what all the hype is about.

Photography by Robert Wunsch

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