Saturday Monster Cartoons: Teknoman

October 29, 2011

Yes I know what you readers are thinking and you guys are correct, Teknoman was never on a Saturday morning, it was on during the weekday morning breakfast cartoon shows that we all watched before going to school and have also died out just like the Saturday morning cartoons, just because a cartoon was never on during a Saturday morning doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good cartoon.

The series is about and invasion of earth in the year 2087 by giant insect like beings called the spider crabs that were following orders from various Teknomen, who in turn were led by a mysterious leader named Darkon. Fighting the spider crabs is a force known as the space knights and during one of their battles a mysterious being appears and fights alongside them defeating the invaders.

It turns out that this being is a good Teknoman and that he is human underneath all that armour and it takes a certain crystal to turn him into the all mighty Teknoman.

Fun fact: the Japanese name of this was Tekkaman Blade but due to the direct translation of Tekkaman resulting in the name Ironman you can see where they would have some trouble if they called this show Ironman for western audiences.

The storyline goes for nearly 50 episodes following this huge central plot that ends with a battle with Darkon, but each episode is eventful and takes the viewer and earths forces a step closer to the ending with tremendous back story and insane action that television won’t let us see these days due to over protective parents who are against cartoon violence . . . yes they are the same parents who want to ban Halloween because they think it is too scary for kids.

Happy watching, Kevin Monster out.

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