Samurai Storm Trooper by Justin Volpe

October 19, 2011

Now this is what we call a DOPE custom!
Justin Volpe was recently commissioned to do a Samurai Storm Trooper, and now he plans to do a production run along side POP Prolific. How dope does this custom Samurai Storm Trooper look? OMG!

“The final figure will be different from the one picture here, because this one is a one of a kind commissioned piece. However, all the elements for the final figure are here. The main changes I was thinking of will be the boots (which will be modeled after Vader’s boots and not the clone style) and the lower arm armor (which will be modeled after Anakin’s buckle gauntlet for his robot hand).” – Justin.

2 Responses to Samurai Storm Trooper by Justin Volpe

  1. rspike says:

    I am the creator of the character ‘Samurai Stormtrooper’, and maintain the rights & control over the character and name of my intellectual property.

    Although I allow the image to be used freely on the internet and one of a kind works of art to be produced without enforcing the rights of my intellectual property in this form of usage, I have at no time allowed productions of my intellectual property for profit. I have stopped several people from producing tee shirts and other items, using both the image and name of ‘Samurai Stormtrooper’ or any variation infringing on the image and name of my intellectual property.

    Please contact me at email

    R S Pike

  2. Pepe says:

    When they will be On sale?

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