Product Review : Nike Techpack M65 KOBE Jacket Fall 11′

October 30, 2011

Ah the classic M-1965 Field Jacket… what more can we say about this classic piece of outerwear.

Nike have taken the classic M-65 military jacket and turned it into a must-have-for-winter jacket late last year (along-side their Destroyer Jacket) and they have kept it goin’ with this new Fall 11’ release, this time teaming up with NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant. Rest assured, the Kobe fans will definitely love this jacket.

Keeping the general aesthetics of the M-65, this release sees them add several patches and stylistic features to the jacket making it look pimp and extremely functional. Lets have a look at the patches to begin with. On the front left chest there is a Roman numbered patch that represents Kobe’s Jersey number (XXIV) or 24. 3 arm patches on the left, with “Know Originate Battle Elevate = KOBE”, BATTLE and ELEVATE. Each patch reflects not just Kobe himself but the game he plays and how he is as a person. It gets pretty personal indeed.

Coming off that, Nike have also used a waterproof Storm-FIT material for the outer construction, which will keep you super dry and warm in the colder months coming ahead (not Australia though). Plus 2 points in which you can tighten the jacket up to keep wind out (or keep heat in), one along the waist, and the other along the bottom of the jacket.

This dark grey M-65 KOBE jacket will definitely bring back fond memories (or not so fond) for the troops that were involved in the Vietnam War (1955 – 1975). But of course for the hipsters that live and breathe street wear, this is one jacket you definitely need to have in your closet.

words by Benny Teh

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