oopCr by Coarse Toys

October 5, 2011


Course toys just announced their latest creation the shiny chrome oopCr. This release is limited to 250 pieces and priced at HK$1988 (Price includes global airmail shipping) .

PRESS: coarse reveals “oopCr”, a highly unusual slant on the existing “oop” vinyl figure line up (height — 7”/18 cm each). Once again oop and aw! make an appearance, yet his time showcased in full chrome plated glory. A timeless and mystifying sculpture set, here to begin a future with you.

This episode captures the infantile coarse creatures in their most phenomenal phase yet. Each of them, a flickering image of the future, hovering in this reality for you to hold, nurture and foresee your destiny. The highly sensitive beings are neither light nor dark by nature, but influenced by their surroundings and therefore the path they reflect is decided solely by your safekeeping.

This depiction of the oop duo marks a highly rare figure release, due to its refined artistic simplicity. Each streamlined seedling is finished in a mirror like gloss coat. They are tucked in snug black sponge and packaged in a deluxe hand crafted paper enclosure, stamped with silver foil and completed with ventilation ducts and a clear transit handle.

Welcome these extraordinary embryos into your life and begin a glistening future together.

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