LONG Clothing x BOY London Exhibition Photos

October 4, 2011

Today, the photos from the recent LONG Clothing x BOY London exhibition in Tokyo were put online for all of us to enjoy, and they are quite simply stunning. Taken by London based photographer Teddy Fitzhugh, the photos show a group of friends, all wearing a selection of LONG Clothing or BOY London tees, generally wasting time away. The shoot couldn’t really represent both brands more, being insanely Punk, but also quite current (the lack of tartan and safety pins, and the excess of Black helps with this). I would say that the look is slightly more BOY than LONG in my eyes, but both brands have a very similar aesthetic anyway.

Whether you like the two London brands or not, or whether you like the direction of this shoot or not, the photographs themselves are jaw dropping. Teddy Fitzhugh has managed to pack so much character into each shot, creating a beautifully executed collection of photographs. Below is a selection of our favorite shots from the exhibition. Check it out.
words by Synamatix

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