KICKS/HI x Converse ‘Tiger Camo’ Chuck Taylor Video

October 21, 2011

“When we opened our first KICKS/HI door 10 years ago on Makaloa St in Honolulu, we felt that a boutique that was built upon our collective aesthetics and firmly rooted in island lifestyle would work, but little did we know that it would grow to become one of the premier shops and brands worldwide. It has been a humbling, organic journey that was been laced with as many pitfalls as there has been success, but therein lies the beauty of a strong business with ties embedded within and drawing energy from the community and people it services. We have always strove to put on for Hawaii and the shop with as much forward thinking and design as it is drawn from the rich traditions and cultures that are bountiful here.

This limited edition Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi is a milestone in our 10 year anniversary. A shop mascot of sorts, and recurring motif since we first opened for business September 12, 2001, has been the tiger shark, which is native to the island waters. With this shoe being our third collaboration with Converse, we wanted to step outside of a material play and run with a pattern, which we chose a tiger camouflage to do so. The tiger camo is a subtle reference to our tiger shark mascot. The camo pattern is technologically advanced in that it is pin-point laser-printed on the material used for the upper. The orange outsole is an ode to our signature shop color: orange.

The video for the release not only celebrates the launch of the shoe, but it also embraces the friends, family, and Hawaii living that has got us this far – with 10 upon 10 upon 10 more years of continued growth and success shining brightly in our future. Special thanks to: Luke Aguinaldo for the video edit, Tassho Pearce & Syze One for licensing us their song for the soundtrack, and Converse for always showing love and support of the shop.”

- Love + Aloha, KICKS/HI

Congratulations Kicks/Hi… from all of us here at Fat Kids.

Source : KH

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