How to be a Genius book

October 25, 2011


Train your brain now.

The only way to improve a muscle’s performance is to exercise it. Everyone knows that. So, why not apply this simple technique to improving the performance of the most important muscle in your body. That’s right: your brain. And before you complain that the brain isn’t a muscle, let us just say that was a joke. One we wouldn’t have made if we had a copy of How to be a Genius two weeks ago.

See, How to be a Genius is all about exercising your brain (all goofiness aside). Inside, you’ll find 101 workouts to help you improve your memory, sharpen your reasoning skills, win at strategic games like chess and bridge, and make better moves in every area of life. Introductions to powerful mind-training tools (including mnemonics, self-hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and Mind Mapping) round out this mind-enhancing workout. With your copy of How to be a Genius, your brain will soon be beating up every other brain around you. BRAIN FIGHT!

Cop yours HERE today.

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