Fat Shonen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Kisejuu

October 16, 2011

Boy do I have a whack manga for you!!!

The manga is called Kisejuu in Japanese, or Parasyte in English.

When Earth got attacked by Aliens, its not like independence day where they come in with a giant spaceship and shoots everyone, they came in as a little organism which targets human’s to become their host. They enter the human body through the ears or nose. Taking over their brains to ultimately control them. They have the power to shape shift the human bodies, turning their arms, part of the head, into sharp deadly knives or all other type of weapons to attack the human race. The aliens feeds on other humans too.

The man character for this manga is a high school boy called Shinichi Izumi. On the night of the alien invasion, the alien failed to entered Shinichi’s body properly as he had his earphones on with his head burrowed in his pillow, since the alien are unable survive for long outside a host body therefore out of desperation, it entered Shinichi’s body taking over his right hand. Therefore the alien received the name called Migi which is Japanese for Right. The alien is incredibly intelligent, because of the failure to take over the host’s brain, Shinichi and Migi both possess their own intellect, hence making them a force to be reckoned with. Other aliens who learn about this outcome are trying to destroy the duo because Migi is considered as an outcast, imperfect form of alien human bonding. But because of the two separated minds are in one body, they are extremely hard to defeat. This is not only advantageous in battle, Migi also helps Shinichi cheat with his tests at school.

The art of the manga is not the greatest, compare to all the other manga’s I’ve reviewed but it’s still worth the read! The story is absolutely fantastic! You guys will definitely enjoy reading this one!! A bit grotty but still none the less action packed manga!

Written & Illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki

Genre: Seinen, Alien invasion, Horror, Sci-fi

Released Date: 1990~1995

Volumes: 10 (complete)

Story: 10/10

Art: 07/10

Over all: 8/10

Thanks for tuning in!!

See ya next week!!

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