Tony Gil – Custom Jesse Hernandez Figure

September 20, 2011

We see many customs from fans that pay tribute to their favorite artists, which are usually based on the artist’s toy or design. Graphic Designer Tony Gil kicks it up a notch and turns a toy into his favorite artist. If you couldn’t tell already from the logo on the t-shirt, the pony tail, and that pretty mug, this custom Russel (Gorillaz) figure embodies the very essence of our favorite Vinyl Addiction host, Jesse Hernandez. The response Tony received when presenting this custom to Jesse at the “Artrageous” event at Aaron Brothers was “You know you’re not going home with it right?”. Who wouldn’t want a custom of themselves sitting on their shelf? An exchange was made and now Jesse owns 1 of 2 of this amazing custom Jesse Hernandez figures.
words by VP

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