Saturday Monster Cartoons: Twins of Destiny

September 3, 2011

The Twins of Destiny was a 1991 animated television series produced by French writer Jean Chalopin. It followed the quest of two children, Jules and Julie, in their travels across Eurasia seeking to overthrow the Empress Dowager of China, and consequently, release their fathers from imprisonment.

These 2 kids were born from different mothers who die at birth at the same time where the full moon is at its highest point, the boy being Chinese and the girl being white, which fulfilled a prophecy that foretold the dethroning of the evil empress that ruled china at the time who also imprisoned their fathers in stone through the use of magic, similar to Han Solo. The special thing about these Jules and Julie is that they have magical powers.

This cartoon was different to many others because when i watched it as a kid it was violent, how violent you say? this cartoon was so violent that it had its own parental advisory warning about how violent it is at the start of some episodes. Another thing about this cartoon was the huge meta-plot that went for the full 52 episodes, unlike other cartoons where the good guys battle it out only to fight another day about something else.

Kevin Monster out.

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