Saturday Monster Cartoons: SWAT Kats

September 10, 2011

SWAT Kats produced by Hanna-Barbera and Turner Program Services went for a total of 25 episodes. The show was based in the fictional metropolis of Megakat City, which is populated entirely by anthropomorphic felines who are just like people, known as “kats”.

The show is about Chance “T-Bone” Furlong and Jake “Razor” Clawson who were members of Megakat City’s paramilitary law enforcement agency, known as the Enforcers. Unfortunately, the Enforcers were commanded by Feral who set them up for blowing up Enforcer Headquarters. Feral discharged Chance and Jake from the Enforcers and reassigned them to work at the city’s military salvage yard to pay for the damage they supposedly were responsible for.

Using discarded military parts and weapons from the salvage yard, Chance and Jake built themselves a three-engine jet fighter called the Turbokat, which resembled several different jet fighters, along with a handful of such other vehicles as the Cyclotron, a motorcycle built into the jet; the Turbo Mole, a subterranean vehicle used to drill underground; the Hoverkat, a militarized hovercraft, the Thunder Truck, a militarized Jeep modified from their tow truck, and they also built two jet skis which they used in Mutation City. All these vehicles were stored, along with a training area and other equipment, in a secret hangar below the yard.

They commenced to patrol Megakat City as the SWAT Kats, defending it against any kind of menace that threatened the city. Their enemies included the criminal mastermind Dark Kat; the undead sorcerer The Pastmaster; the mutant evil genius Doctor Viper; and the robotic gangsters the Metallikats. The SWAT Kats also faced many villains-of-the-week, such as Madkat and Volcanus.

This cartoon is one of the last to have good stories of adventure and action as it was made in the 90′s with a sense of good versus evil. Cartoons like this are never made anymore because of the violence, merchandise motivated story telling, and the need of having cute characters instead of masculine ones that can beat the shit out of you. It could be a reason as to why there are so many whiny, bitchy, and girly dudes out there in Gen-Y.

Kevin Monster out

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