Henry the Sweep Custom by KidAkira for Steampunk Perspective

September 6, 2011

One word… AMAZING!
KidAkira recently completed this custom dubbed “Henry the Sweep” for the Steampunk Perspective entry and it is stunning! If he doesn’t win.. we ain’t got nothing to say! Check his story below and images after the jump.

STEAMPUNK-STORY: Not many have met or even noticed Henry… And even if they had they probably wouldn’t remember… Henry is a quiet, unassuming and very humble robot… While most people live their lives and go about their business in this glorious city without giving a second thought to how things work…

Henry works around the clock, tirelessly and diligently, to ensure that the massive steam engines that lay deep below the surface are always in pristine condition… Henry knows that every single citizen of this great city relies on him, even if they don’t know it themselves…

So if you ever find yourself stopping and wondering about the marvels of this great city and how it all works; spare a thought for Henry and the thousands of others just like him…. And should the occasion ever arise where you might meet Henry, and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, be sure to shake his clamp and bid him a very good day‚Ķ

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