Fools Paradise presents Keiko: Sleepwalk in Wonderland

September 27, 2011


Double Line (Alan Ng) creates intense, compelling and as of late provocative figures. ‘Keiko: Sleepwalk in Wonderland’, the third incarnation of Keiko blends his sexy character with the classic children’s book and cartoon character Winnie the Pooh into an unusual, visually arresting, and potentially controversial new 1:6 figure. By juxtaposing a sexy, partially nude female with cute, cartoon elements often associated with children, Keiko has always pushed the envelope. While this new figure is very similar in form and concept to the original ‘Sexy Keiko’, the use of the beloved Pooh may challenge perceptions to new a degree. The new figure gives us pause, and has us wondering where the line between daring and potentially distasteful lies. That’s not a bad thing per se, just uncomfortable.

Standing nearly 11” tall, Keiko: Sleepwalk in Wonderland is limited to 299 hand-made pieces. She’s available for pre-order from Fools Paradise for $180 with an estimated release sometime in December 2011. Once it’s released, the new Keiko will retail for $199.

words by VP

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