Fat Shonen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Slam Dunk

September 18, 2011

I am extremely sorry for my absence with the Fat Shonen Sundays…!

But now that I’m back! lets get to it with this review waddaya say!!!! AY?

This weeks manga review is considered as the holy grail in terms of sports manga, it has revolutionized Japan and all other Asian countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong etc. Making kids and even adults crazy over the sport and the shoes. Now can you guys guess the manga what I’m talking about?

Yes! that’s right! the manga I’m talking about is Slam Dunk!

The protagonist of this manga is a 16 year old high school kid called Sakuragi Hanamichi, with his 189cm stature and his firey red hair, he has a very intimidating image, always getting into fights with school gangs and no one has been able to beat him, everybody just thought of him as a good for nothing kid. After been dumped by the 50th girl, he falls in love with Haruko Akagi. She is a devoted fan of basketball as her older brother is the captain of the Shohoku High School basketball team, she is also in love with the talented and handsome Rukawa Kaede who’s a star player in his junior high school days. For Sakuragi to prove his love for Haruko, devoted himself to play basketball. From knowing nothing at all about basketball, his rivalry with Rukawa and his love for Haruko were his motivation to keep going. His incredible physically ability allowed him to become a indispensable Power Forward asset to the team. This manga has a extensive amount of characters with stories of their own, which makes it even more fascinating to read, the whole atmosphere of this manga makes it feel like you are there as person observing everything along the way. Slam Dunk is very well balanced as it is filled with comedy as well as good drama.

Fat Kid Jenga only recommends the best! as I give it another 10/10 for its Art and Story! Over all a absolute perfect 10/10!!!

Story written and drawn by Takehiko Inoue

Genre: Sport, Comedy, High School

Released Date: 1990~1996

Volumes: 31 Volumes (complete)

Story: 10/10

Art: 10/10

Overall: 10/10


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