2012 Cinelli Mash Bolt Track Bike

September 15, 2011


Mash just announced their 2012 Cinelli Bolt frameset and it is lookin’ sick! Check out what they got to say about the frame set:

“Enclosed is our third look for the Cinelli MASH Bolt series. This frameset marks the return of the original Bolt geometry— preferred by some of our long distance riders and racers for its more comfortable approach. Built with the same solid Columbus Airplane construction and finished with a tonal silver top coat. The graphic palette draws its inspiration from historical Cinelli colors brought forward onto a modern street racer.

All sizes available, and ready to ship this week. Or come into the shop Saturday, and build yours right here in San Francisco. The first batch is limited in this delivery, but the bolt frame will be available throughout 2012, along with the Histogram set!”

Source : MASH

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