Мишка x Death In June Capsule Collection

September 16, 2011

Here is a look at a new capsule collection along side post-industrial/neo-folk band “Death in June”:

“We’ve got some T-shirts because people like T-shirts, and we did some snazzy hardcore skin style polos, a button down with the life & death sigils on the collar and totenkopf-6 snaps and our prestige item, the Death in June jacket with an assortment of interchangeable patches that you can change to fit your mood or sigil preference. Our friend Star Eyes, of Trouble and Bass fame has even made a special Death in June mix that contains songs that span the length of the musical project’s long career.

All this Death in June stuff we’ve made, all coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of Death in June’s existence. To mark the occasion Douglas P. will be touring Europe. Getting the opportunity to witness a live Death in June performance is like a rare comet passing through our neck of space so if you happen to be in or near Europe I suggest you make an effort to go to a Death in June show. You might not ever get the chance again. I speak from experience when I say that it’s an intense and unforgettable experience.” – Mishka

5 Responses to Мишка x Death In June Capsule Collection

  1. Ann says:

    How can I purchase death in june shirt colored one with mask and dagger?Thanks

  2. klaudyna says:

    These t-shirts are amazing, I would like to get the white one VERY, very much. I was looking for something like these for months… Can I buy it? How much it cost? I am from Poland. Please contact me….. I will be very grateful, Best Regards

  3. Alan says:

    Hi, where can I purchase the black dij shirt with the colored mask and dagger logo? Thank you

  4. Alan says:

    Are these models available to buy ? Looking forward to make a purchase !

  5. Gianmarco says:


    Where can I purchase any of these items (polo especially).

    Please reply as soon as you can,


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