Softee X Screen Prints by Travis Cain For 1xRUN

August 2, 2011


Creator of the clever BFFs mini series, Travis Cain has recently got together with 1xRUN to create a sweet limited edition poster dubbed Softee X. This 6-color screen print was inspired from the nostalgic harbinger of New York summer, Mr. Softee Ice Cream trucks. Here is what Trav has to say about his inspiration:

“The first sure sign of Summer in New York City is the Mr. Softee trucks. It seems they are on every street corner here – and of course that means even in the ghetto (where I lived for 3 years). Some of these trucks are a little broken down, dirty, and in some of cases, even sell other non-frozen (and illegal) treats. Here’s my take on the classic…” – Travis Cain

Limited to 40 pieces for $40 each, these hand printed posters will only be available through August 4. Scoop one of these artistic delights HERE while you still can. More images and details after the jump.

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