August 3, 2011


First off, we at Fat Kids would like to thank everyone who had taken the time to enter the competition and eagerly waiting to hear the results. Its been an epic time just going through all the applicants (TOO MANY TO MENTION!). How did we picked the winner you might ask?
1. We read through every single application (YES, yours included).
2. We picked the top 20 people that we felt deserved to win the Shwood’s.
3. We tossed all the names in a hat.
4. We picked a random winner out of the 20 that were in the hat.

… and the WINNER of these Shwood Canby’s is…..

*drum roll*

CONGRATULATIONS going out to RICHIE MELDRUM for being the WINNER of this competition!

Please get in touch with us by this Friday (5th Aug 2011) to claim your prize.

Special mention to the top 20 that got picked :
Alex Trevisan
Alex Kong
Ben Smits
Ben Keeler
Brandon Schulz
Brent MacKinnon
Dries Verniers
Isaac Forest
Jarrod Martin
Katrina Clauson
Konrad Szulim
Matt Brooke
Matt Brown
Mette Klint Axelsen
Nini Kintsurashvili
Richie Meldrum
Ruslan Kononovchenko
Ryan Jacobson
Stepahnie Vilar
Zach Jarrett

Remember, we’ve got a new giveaway this month (CLICK HERE for more info) so be sure to check it!
Congratulations and thanks again going out to everyone that took part in this giveaway. We got more goodness coming your way.

One Response to Shwood Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCED!

  1. richie says:

    thats me

    how do i get in touch?


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