Saturday Monster Cartoons: Dungeons & Dragons

August 13, 2011

Dungeons & Dragons is an American animated television series based on the pen and paper (like a board game and way before playing online with computers) Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. A co-production of Marvel Productions and TSR, the show was popular in the United States and ran for three seasons on CBS.

The general premise of the show is that a group of children are pulled into the “Realm of Dungeons & Dragons” by taking a magical dark ride on an amusement park roller coaster. Invariably, the children try to return home, but often take detours to help people, or find that their fates are intertwined with the fate of others.

Upon arriving in the Realm, the children are a little out of place, but the Dungeon Master, named for the referee in the role-playing game, assuming the role of their mentor, appears and gives them each a class and a magical item to suit that class.

I used to watch a lot of this growing up as it was one of my favourite cartoons, the big difference between present day cartoons and 80’s cartoons is the level of violence, this cartoon was considered violent back then and even had a warning before it was shown. These days cartoons are tame, politically correct, and motivated by toy sales which makes plots and storylines predictable and characters really bland.

Happy watching, Kevin Monster out.

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