Saturday Monster Cartoons: Dinosaucers

August 20, 2011

Dinosaucers was created by DIC Entertainment in association with Ellipse Programmé. 65 total episodes were made and the show only lasted one season during the 1987-1988 television season. The cartoon was animated overseas in Japan by Madhouse.

The show follows the Dinosaucers and their battles against the evil Tyrannos. Each group is composed of intelligent anthropomorphic dinosaurs or other prehistoric reptilian species. The Dinosaucers are also allied with four humans known as the Secret Scouts. The two groups originally come from a planet in a counter-Earth orbit known as Reptilon.

This cartoon was so typical of its era with its great 80s rock music, the multi cultural group of kids, great writing and the battle between good and evil. It was very similar to the Transformers as there was this intergalactic war between these 2 epic beings bought to earth, and the good guys got help from the humans. There was supposed to be a toy line and they got as far as making the prototypes but it was all canceled when the series was canceled, which is quite a shame really.

Kevin Monster out.



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