REVOK, RIME, and ROID – “Perseverance” @ Known Gallery

August 23, 2011


This past weekend, the Known Gallery unveiled the exhibition titled Perseverance featuring the works of REVOK, RIME, and ROID. As it had been documented, the trio had been spending time in Detroit in preparation for this show and the final pit stop in Los Angeles was nothing less than impressive. As soon as one entered the gallery space, it was clear that each artist brought their best effort to the table.

Rime’s style continues to evolve as his latest artwork shows his familiar characters and colorful settings along with glimpses of more abstract painting. On the other hand, Roid’s pieces combine a graphic design quality that’s very linear and ordered in style; yet, he’s still able to blend graffiti type lettering and a dark color palette that gives the artwork a retro-future aesthetic. Completing the showcase and highlighting the exhibit, Revok’s latest effort showed a wide array of styles which the artist has used over the years. Although the show was highly touted as his comeback effort after spending some in jail, the latest artwork by the legendary graffiti artist was less about his past and more about his current transition as an artist. For example, the exhibit’s centerpieces were collages he created out of rusted metal, wooden pieces, and remnants found across Detroit’s landscape. These new pieces showed a level of maturity that explores the artist’s fascination with stories and people, but more importantly, it points to a new path that the artist may partake in the coming future. Overall, the exhibit was a clear success and although all three artists brought forth contrasting styles, the exhibit takes advantage of their differences and gives the visitor the rare chance to view these three prolific artists within the same gallery space.

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