Ornery Panda Shinsengumi Dunny by Huck Gee

August 17, 2011


Yet another amazing custom from our favorite artist Huck Gee. Here we have his latest “Ornery Panda Shinsengumi” that comes with a whole lot of accessories (as shown above). This figure is limited to only 10 pieces, comes signed and numbered for US$750. Limit one figure per customer – this set will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. So for those who are interested, you best get on it quick!

STORY: ‘At one time renowned as a talented sword master he was an early member of the elite, albeit troubled, peace keeping squad, Shinsengumi. Dodging several assassination attempts and losing many close ones to the deadly political turmoil of the capital, his troubled soul eventually got the better of him. Losing himself in drink, he became most well known as a gambler, a womanizer, and a drunk. Short on words, the golden sheen of his eyes found blurred by sake more often than not, this is Abiru: Ornery Panda Shinsengumi.’

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