Mike Giant Got Beef

August 8, 2011

Respected graffiti artist Mike Giant puts Dan Plazma on blast. Plazma, a local LA street artist, recently went over a sick Giant piece and apparently over many other graffiti writers in LA. In the video, Mike explains how this whole beef started and what’s going to happen to Plazma if he continues to buff other writers’ pieces. Although that might not be the way we might handle our personal beef, at least Mike isn’t afraid to speak his mind and let his skills do the talking. Respect to Mike!
Words by Nasty Nate

Source : 12oz

2 Responses to Mike Giant Got Beef

  1. laurent says:

    plasma is an animal, he stepped to giant and all of his friends who ran off, plasma is a real writer and a real fighter, no wonder mike came with this phony vid,…JEALOUSY IS A BITCH

  2. cycle says:

    at least plasma still does illegal graffiti, since when have these guys needed permission???

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