Huck Gee x Kidrobot “Gold Life” Dunny Series

August 21, 2011


Less than a day after the earlier tease, official word comes from Kidrobot about their GOLD LIFE Dunnys with Huck Gee – to be made available in TWO editions! First up is the above-posted Gold Life Dunny Series – with 13 x 3″ basic Dunny characters to collect, including a “mystery chase”, priced at US$9.95 per blind box pull and the Gold Life Black Kabuki & Kitsune 3-Inch 2-Pack – featuring “Kabuki” The Masked Ronin and “Kitsune” The Seven Tailed Geisha – retailing for US$29.95 per 2-pack. Expect both these figures to hit toy shelves from September 1st. What an excellent release. Our favorite to date we reckon! You gotta cop your’s when it drops… ya DIG!

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