Movie Review : The Legend Is Born – IP MAN

August 28, 2011

Featuring some of the most spectacular, innovative and explosive martial arts ever staged, The Legend is Born is the remarkable true story of the early life of Ip Man, the formidable kung fu genius who would become Bruce Lee’s mentor.

Beginning at the start of his journey from his initial training through to the ultimate battle to become the supreme master of the art of Wing Chun, The Legend is Born has already been hailed as one of the greatest martial arts films of all time and features an all-star cast, including Sammo Hung (Enter The Dragon), Yuen Biao and Ip Man’s real life son, 76-year-old Ip Chun, as Ip Man’s kung fu master.

Coming from watching Wilson Yip’s “Ip man” to Herman Yau’s prequal “The Legend is Born IP MAN”, I personally had a lot of expectations. Were they all met? Yes and No. But overall, Herman definitely delivered a power packed film that’ll leave all martial arts fans wanting more.

One thing I like about this film is the chronological order it takes its viewers through. It makes it easy to understand and follow. Although the story line is fairly weak, the martial arts sequences make up for it. The choreography in the first fight sequence between Samo Hung and Yuen Biao definitely set the tone for the film. It’s a pity that Samo Hung’s character had to pass early in the film because it would’ve been good to see more action from him.

Speaking of action, if we were to compare Dennis Yap’s performance in the original Ip Man to To Yu Hang’s ‘The Legend is Born’ prequal, Yap has definitely more character, prowess, presence and somewhat projects Ip man’s character more holistically. From his Wing Chun moves right down to every minuet detail like his gestures and body language ejects one of a kung fu master. Whereas To Yu Hang lacked all of the above. Having said that, he did do a good job in carrying out the martial arts sequences.

Coming off that topic, there were not many standout performances (none to be exact) by the cast. Everyone played their roles safely and made it a pretty enjoyable film to watch. As a whole, we’d recommend not having any expectations when watching this film. Trust us… it’ll help. Enjoy the movie.

words by Benny Teh

Fat Kids Rating: 7.8/10

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