Fat Shonen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : BioMeat

August 7, 2011


Volume 12 Cover

This weeks manga review is the manga called “BioMeat” Story and Art by Yuki Fujisawa.

Just when you think a zombie dominated world was scary, imagine a biologically created creature that consumes anything and reproduces faster than any creatures known to man was on the loose…. hmmm… nope still can’t imagine the horror in that right?…… WRONG! This manga freaked the hell out of me, not like zombie scary, but it seemed more realistic and it makes you wonder, “What if this was real?”

In the world when food is becoming scarce, ‘Biomeat’ was created biologically to substitute normal meat products we consume today. These creatures feeds off rubbish created by humans and have the ability to reproduce at an amazing rate, so lets just say business was good for the people who created the ‘Biomeat’. Good life must come to an end when one ‘Biomeat’ escaped and managed to get out to the real world other than on a plate. It happily feasted on anything in its way….that includes humans too!

With its amazing reproduction abilities, one soon became a colony… now humanity is at threat!


Date of Release: 2000

Status: Complete, 12 Volumes

Overall rating: 8/10

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