Fat Shonen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Sanctuary

August 14, 2011

Ey! Sunday Manga day!

This week’s manga review is going to be on one of my favourite mangas of ALL TIME! Literally ALL STAR for me! Unlike all the other popular mangas out there, this manga is actually more for grown ups as there are barely any fighting sequence like in Naruto or Bleach. This manga is more drama/tragedy based…. but enough of my blabbering, lets review this thing! The Manga this week is called ‘Sanctuary’

‘One Walks in the light, Other walks in the dark’. Money, Women, Fancy clothes, High end cars would just be some of the things we’d want to obtain in life right? but to Asami and Hojo, those are just child’s play. Two life-long friends whom endure extreme hardship together, share one goal between them… and that is to reform Japan! How are they going to achieve that? One seeks the fastest way to earn money, other seeks to find the fastest way to gain power and control. What better way then becoming the biggest Yakuza boss and the most influential politician in the Japanese Parliament. From their struggle to survival during their younger days, it instilled fearlessness in them and with their charming charisma, it was their ultimate weapon to success. Will they achieve it? You will just have to read it!!

The realism of this manga just captivated me, especially with my interest in the Yakuza and Tattoos, it made me want to become a mobster myself with a whole body suit of tattoos! Just kidding, my mother will kill me!

Written by Sho Fumimura with the brilliant artwork by Ryoichi Ikegami

Date Released: 1990

Volume Status: 14 volumes,  Complete

Story: 10

Art: 10

Over all: 10 (personal opinion…PERFECT MANGA)


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