Fat Kids ‘Love. Bravery. Prosperity’ Limited Edition Japanese Prints ON AUCTION NOW!

August 10, 2011

March 11th 2011 marked the day Japan got hit by a 9.0 earthquake triggering a 23-foot tsunami that swept across the country’s north, swallowing everything in its way. Last month (June 2011) statistics showed that there are over 24,000 confirmed dead or missing and on top of that, an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter Scale stuck North East of Japan again over a week ago.

In efforts of helping rebuild this great nation, we at Fat Kids have come up with a 3 piece print titled ‘Love. Bravery. Prosperity’ that is on auction NOW on ebay (see direct ebay links below). These prints feature works from Tori Kiyonobu II, Katsukawa Shuntei and Maruya Bun’emon who are all famous Ukiyo-e (wood block) artists from the 1700 – 1900’s.

‘Love. Bravery. Prosperity’ sits at 22.5 x 30” printed on HP UV Hahnemuhle Bamboo 290gsm Art paper and are limited to ONLY 1 piece each. Each print comes numbered, signed and framed with a starting bid of $250 each.

All proceeds will go directly to the Japanese consulate of Australia.

Photography by Carlos Ten for Fat Kids.

Details about prints:
Print : Love
Artist : Tori Kiyonobu II
Year : Mid-1720s
Description : The kabuki actors Ogino Isaburo I and Sodezaki Iseno as Young Lovers.

Print : Bravery
Artist : Katsukawa Shuntei
Year : 1820
Description : The warrior Egara no Heita battling with a giant serpent

Print : Prosperity
Artist : Maruya Bun’emon
Year : 1810
Description : The God of Wealth turns wealth and rank to the better (Kaiun fuki Daikokuten)

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