Boxzet Papertoys

August 24, 2011

I absolutely dig this series. It’s got everything I love about paper toys. A stunning array of models from a variety of designers, an element of originality, and a blank template serving as an invitation to join the party. Mix in the fact that it includes a box and I’m over the top. I really like the addition of the box as most paper toys over look this detail. Looking back through the history of toys, the ones that speak to us are the ones that remain pristine, isolated almost in its original packaging. There are a few paper toys out there that grasp the concept, but none do it as well as these.

There are currently 31 different designs plus the blank for you to download and build. The designs come from Bymanstudio, the mind behind the toy, as well as 20 or so other artists, and they range from the conceptually unique to pop culture tributes to just plain cute. And as is the case with most paper toys, they’re all totally free for the clicking. Don’t forget to make some shelf space among your collection.

Get them HERE.

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