Product Review : Nike Air Max 1 Hyperfuse

July 6, 2011

We brought you a preview of the Air Max Hyperfuses a while ago HERE and now we’ve got together with Nike to bring you a full product review of these Hyperfuses.

Technology has definitely played a big role in the evolution and birth of these new AM1′s. Compared to the classic AM1′s, these hyperfuses have next to no seams on the uppers and with the new hyperfuse technology, it has given the shoe a lighter, more durable upper. The second most noticeable advancement in these sneakers are its strong build. When we pulled these sneakers out of the box, they felt it could last for more then a decade compared to its classic counterparts.

For the AM 1 fan, these will be very familiar to your feet as they employ the silhouette and build as their 1987 release, featuring the visible air cushion on the heel. When we slipped these sneakers on and took them for a spin, it felt unbelievably secure. One thing we noticed was the eyelets on the hyperfuses had awesome grip on the laces, due to the HF material. Now we don’t have to worry about our laces coming undone.

As a whole, Nike have outdone themselves yet again with these Hyperfuses.
Check out more detailed images of these AM1 Hyperfuses below.
Big thank you going out to Nike for making this review possible.

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