Kidrobot presents Zombie Robber Dunny by Mad L

July 27, 2011


It’s night of the living Dunny – so lock your doors and bar the windows, because MAD’s Zombie Robber is on the prowl. Fearsome and foul, with a malevolent mug, elongated tongue and flesh-gnawing teeth, the black-masked Zombie Robber scours the night in search of loot (and brains!). His first take, a monstrous prized diamond, is stowed securely under his black knit cap, and he carries the indispensable tools of his burglar trade – a flashlight and fabric bag. This grey version with pink tongue, 1,500 in all, is now available for $75.00 (£60 UK; 69.60 € Europe) in Kidrobot stores, and specialty retailers worldwide. Hit the jump for more images.

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