Gourmet Fall 2011 “Lifestyling” Collection

July 27, 2011


Here is a look at Gourmet Fall 2011 Collection lookbook which they shot at the Stonebrook Manor, Los Altos Hills, California. The entire collection will be available at a Gourmet retailer near you next month. In the mean time, below is the story of the shoot and come images. Enjoy!

Story: The background story for the shoot is a man obsessed, obsessed with Gourmet shoes. The book not only features the surroundings and environment of a highly educated man of taste, but if you look closely, in almost every room, the man has dozens and dozens and dozens of Gourmet shoes. So many in fact they do not fit in his closets. They are in his study, his bedroom, his maids quarters and his wine cellars. The concept was chosen to portray an aspirational vibe. One that shows Gourmet on the highest level.

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