Movie Review : The Chasing World

July 2, 2011

In Japan, a mysterious series of murders has occurred, which only targets people whose last name is ‘Sato’. During a fight with a gangster, high school student Tsubasa Sato winds up in a parallel world. Things appear to be the same, but his friends and classmates are somehow different from who they used to be. Tsubasa doesn’t understand what is happening around him. After seeing a girl killed in front of him by a pursuer, he finds out that he is now in a world where the lord of the land plays a lethal game of tag – a real onigokko (chasing game) that targets people whose last name is’ Sato’. If, during the “game”, a target manages to elude his pursuers for a few hours every day for a week, any wish that he has will be granted. Tsubasa discovers that the parallel world is linked to ours; when a person is killed in the parallel world, so is the target’s counterpart in our world. When the siren sounds to signify that onigokko has begun, Tsubasa races to protect his sister’s double – and hence his sister herself…”


As the synopsis suggests it’s a movie about a killing game “the King” decided to start because there were too many Sato’s in Japen. The story line is very straightforward and simple with not much substance. Its pretty much like a B-grade Japanese film with poor acting, try hard acrobatics, some cool wardrobe and CG that kinda works but kinda not (if you know what I mean).

Evil king, wants power. Plots against the good, who survives (as they always do) and defies the king. On top of that, there are parallel worlds and time traveling involved…woo hoo! One word… Predictable.

There is some essence of Battle Royale shown especially the gore. Walking torso’s and flying arms, the only thing missing now is squirting intestines and holy heads. Wait…there was a head that was split in half if that counts? One thing I give props to though is the costumes of the chasers. They look mean as hell. Full black trench coat, with a smiling mask and red “eyeballs” that can detect all movement. Its sick! It reminds me of the TV series Baja Hitam, or better known as Kamen Rider, when I was growing up.

This is one of those movies that you watch when you really feel bored or want something that doesn’t take too much of your mental energy. This movie is definitely handy in cheering you up when you’ve got the sack or dump. Actually… no… I take that back…

Whatever it is, its still a fun movie to watch if you’re into Japanese sci-fi films.


Here is a look at the Official Trailer:

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Words by Benny Teh

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