Exclusive Monkey Kung Fu Master by Hyperactive Monkey for San Diego Comic Con 2011

July 10, 2011


Straight from the slums of Shaolin, Hyperactive Monkey is proud to release for San Diego Comic Con 2011 the Monkey Kung Fu Master Shaolin Savings Bank Gold Edition. This wise old non-articulated master figurine is made of resin and stands 6.25” tall. He even comes complete with a removable gold bead necklace. Precious coinage can be slipped through the back of his head and emptied through the base of his feet with the removal of the Hyperactive Monkey rubber stopper.

The San Diego Comic Con Gold Edition is limited to only 15 pieces and comes packed out in a window display box. In addition a signed 3.25” by 4.75” metallic gold and black mini print is included. Its retail price is $45.00 and will be available along with other Hyperactive Monkey goodies at the Squid Kids Ink booth (booth #5137). So remember Hyperactive Monkeyers, GET YOUR SHAOLIN SAVINGS ON!

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